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marc daniel goecke

digital artist/
/creative director/
/head of 3D at Mackevision part of Accenture Song/

3d show reel

selected works

2020  // music by Ole Mader ( / @olemusik)

2d works

concepts, character designs, digital paintings and personal works
(click on image to visit my ArtStation portfolio)


about me & skills

Hi there!
My name is Marc Daniel Goecke, a digital artist and creative director from Hamburg/Germany.

While I've been employed with great companies over the years, I gained a lot of experience in several fields.
Starting off as a 3d generalist I improved my skills in creative direction, digital concept painting, character design, VFX supervision, team leading, on-set post-production supervision, animation- and art direction.

I most enjoy the creative processes in pre-production, leading project teams as a responsible supervisor and the dircetion of challenging projects. My range of interests reach from advertising- and movie- to realtime-productions.

Since 2020 I am the head of 3D at Mackevision (part of Accenture Song) Hamburg, where I am leading a team of fantastic artists.

On a personal level I love to draw and paint. When not collecting and listening to records I like to read a lot.
Would call myself a dog person, a cinephile and an avid traveler.


software & apps


Maya, Arnold Renderer, Mudbox, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Nuke, PF Track,
Substance Painter, Sketchbook, Illustrator, Royal Render, Resolve, vRay, Redshift Renderer, fTrack and many more...





+49 15140521947


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